Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getting Ahead of Myself

So I finally turned the page in the book and realised I'd just got too cocky and ploughed onwards sewing my hexagons together. It was only when I was explaining English patchwork to Claire that I realised I couldn't possibly machine sew my hexagons together. D'oh. So I spent every evening this week unpicking them in front of the TV and vowing to plan ahead from now on.

You have to sew the half hexagons together in diagonal strips first which I think could go horribly wrong so I have been super-anal and drawn out the whole thing beforehand. The white gaps represent the divisions between the strips. Now I just need to sort my piles out and refer to my picture.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Last Block

So the last block is complete. It didn't turn out as red as planned as at the last minute I ditched the giant red spot for the solid panel and put in the giant pink flowers. I just felt it was getting a bit too spotty and that the red really didn't match the other panels as well.

I think the overall pink bias to the quilt just can't be ignored. When I laid out all the blocks I just felt that the big flowers went with everything.

Of course I am sad about it's loss now so I might have to make a smaller version of the original red block and put some solid white blocks in it. I might buy a 60° ruler for that one just so I can marvel at how easy it is when you have a proper template. but anyhow, must focus on one quilt at a time. Sewing the blocks together will be a telling time as half of me thinks they wont all tessellate together.

Here they are all laid out. They won't end up in order like that but I thought I'd just see how it would look. Ohhh it's so exciting. Part of me still wishes I could have made it with the materials from the original design. They are just so lovely.