Monday, April 18, 2016

FW61: May & FW62: Milly

So this week I made both blocks. Not the easiest week but I made it. I thought briefly I might fail this week but Sunday I got grumpy and made everything wait until I had done them.

May Block
I wasn't prepared for the Y-seam action this block had going on. It didn't even occur to me until I started sewing the units together. I don't really have the handle on this technique.

This block has lumps and bumps and nothing lines up very well. Each unit was all bent up.

I'm pretty pleased with my fabric choices. I used a bit more of my special Denyse Schmidt fabric. I might have to make it the last block using it as the fabric is so precious.

Milly Block
I made this block a while a go because it was very much like one I made that I wasn't happy with. I feel like the low volume I used here is a bit murky and dirty which annoys me.

I laid out some of my blocks, particularly the newer ones and I am really happy with how it is looking.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

FW59: Mary & FW60: Mary Gray

Just one block this week as I just thought Mary Gray was a little weird. I'm not 100% on that, but I need to start scaling back otherwise I will have too many blocks by the end of this project. Plus it's always hard to get back into this project after a break. I just haven't felt the urge to do much so I am in danger of falling behind.

Block 59 Mary
I almost decided not to make this block but I had a change of heart; I'm not sure why. I mixed the colours up a bit. I would have preferred to keep to the original but I don't have any solids on those colours. In fact, this will be the last time the ballerinas make an appearance. The fat quarter of fabric is well and truly fussy to cut to shreds.

It's a good one to end on. I am glad I made it.

I am annoyed that I failed to match up the central bit though. What a pain. Only one point to get right and you balls it up.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

FW57: Margaret & FW58: Martha

A good week in Farmer's Wife land. I really liked both of this week's blocks. They are a bit similar really in a sawtooth star kind of way, but that's one of my favourite blocks so I was pretty happy. I feel like I am going to make the next batch of blocks all out of the same peach and pink combo.


Block 57 Margaret
Margaret was another block that I have been waiting to make for a long time. It really stuck in my mind even though it is relatively straightforward as a block. I think I liked the contrast people had in their blocks, like this one by Emmy and this one by Kbrusven.

So I decided to use some of my precious hoard of Denyse Schmidt fabrics which I haven't cracked open since the MapleO quilt. I really didn't want to mess this one up as the fabrics are so precious so I spent a long time choosing the fabrics; probably an entire evening! I couldn't decide between the plain peach fabric and my low volume Paperie fabric. I think it's come out well though and might have been too busy otherwise.

But it was well worth it. I love it! It will have to go right in the middle of the quilt somewhere. It is my favourite block of the entire quilt!

Block 58 Martha
I used some of my coveted Lizzie House star fabric here. It's just the right shade of dark purple. I also wanted to use a few solids. I was tempted to do it all in solids but I felt like it would stand out too much. I am really happy with the colour combination.


Here are some of my pink hues all together. Don't they look pretty! I think this week has been one of the best.


Wednesday, April 06, 2016

FW55: Malvina & FW56: Marcella

Overall a mixed week. One block I love and one block that doesn't thrill me. The only good thing is that I feel like I knew beforehand which blocks I was into. Maybe I am getting better at predicting which ones I like. I am also amazed I got anything done considering it was Easter, but I took both squares, precut, home with me and did little bits in the mornings when everyone was chilling out.


Block 55 Malvina
I considered dropping this block as it felt a bit dull being only in two colours. Then I decided to do it but swap out the central square for a different colour; to give it some depth.


I don't think it worked. I took all my precut pieces home to mums to sew over Easter on her fabulous Juki machine but I didn't take the overall pattern block home so I got my directions all mixed up for the fussy cutting. I assumed I had marked the orientation on the template pieces but I obviously hadn't. So my ballerinas annoy me. Sigh. Not my best effort. But I could use it as a half block


Block 56 Marcella
I love this block. I have no idea why. I have been looking forwards to it. I really wanted to use my cats and my Paperie fabric as I think they go together so perfectly. I love the end result. And such a quick block to sew together. A definite favourite in my stash.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

FW53: Lucy & FW54: Magnolia

A complicated week. One easy block and one hard one. Well, just a lot of small bits. I'm not that overwhelmed with my fabric choices this week but at least they are bright and sunny.

Block 53 Lucy
After taking such a long time, I feel it's a bit monochrome and boring. How annoying! I wish I could foresee these things. It's pretty accurate all things considered.

I think in hindsight I would have made the small four squares totally different colours.

Here are all my sections laid out ready to sew. It took me a few days just to make each unit. It was a good one to break down into small repeating units.

And here are my seams. It was all very neat considering. I thought it would be really bulky but it'd not too bad. I find it really helps to just mega iron at every stage. Plenty of steam, spray starch and really practice pressing correctly so that the seam lines don't warp but do lie flat. I can spend a long time ironing. It really adds time to the overall construction but I think it really makes your block look neat like other peoples. Sometimes open seams aren't good for nesting so it's a bit of working out the best solution for the final fitting together of the units. It really helps with everything lining up though.


Block 54 Magnolia
I considered dropping this block as it's not really my thing but, well, I just did it in the end, hoping my mind might be changed. It's ok, but it's still not really my style. At least I know my own mind.

Monday, March 14, 2016

FW51: Lily & FW52: Lola

Gosh what a lot of hard work this week was. So much so that I put it off for a while. I have now lost my little headstart I had built up for myself since half term and now I realise that Easter is coming up and I will again be out of action for two weeks.

Block 51 Lily
Lily marks a beginning and end. It's the end of the green sprig fabric and the beginning of the Paperie low volume fabric. I love it, it's perfect. I might have to go and buy a bigger stash of it for future use. I did consider replacing the green, but I really need to use up the rest of the fabric I have hoiked out, plus it has already featured on a fair number of blocks.

Once I started on it I realised that once the units were made, it actually all nested together pretty easily but there were just so many bits! I spread it out over the week, just doing small bits at one time so I didn't become overwhelmed. It looks great though in the end. The only bit I ballsed up was adding the big triangle. I didn't use the paper as my bit of fabric needed to be stretched a bit to fit. Of course stretching it just made all of it warp. I should really unpick it but I think once it's quilted you won't notice the wonk.

Here is the very last join where it wonked. Not the biggest glitch in the world but the rest is perfect, so it's a bit annoying. But I look at this block and think how far I have come. I would have been a bit awed by this block at the beginning. This is a good learning curve project.

Block 52 Lola
A nice easy block. I actually did it first. I like that it is light and airy, but I am not sure I am wedded to so much of the dotty fabric. This might be one of the blocks that gets the chop on the border!

My seams are pretty neat though which makes me quite happy.

I am pleased how my injection of yellow is coming along. I might tone it down a bit now as it's only meant to be a highlight colour. I might lay out all my blocks so far and have a think about how it is all coming together as a whole.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

FW49: Katherine & 50: Lady

Another week and suddenly it really is halfway. Unreal. This is such a labour of love project. Overall though, this halfway week was an easy one. The Tigerlily cat fabric featured heavily this week. On another note, my new fabric arrived for my new side project and in it was one fat quarter of low volume for this quilt, so that will probably feature in next week's blocks.

FW49: Katherine
This block was nice and easy to sew together but slow to fussy cut as I had to label the direction of each bit and keep checking them against the pattern. Of course once I had finished I realised I had forgotten to cut them as mirror images of the pattern so in the end I just traced the pattern onto the other side of my paper by holding it up to the light.

I really like this block. I've been really looking forward to it. I am not sure why, I just like it. So I wanted to use my favourite fabrics. I felt that I got my colours just right: peaches, pink and purple. 

FW50: Lady
Lady turned out to be pretty easy which was nice. Plus it was a good example to show more cats. I am not sure how much I like my orange spot fabric; it's every so slightly murky, but it's an ok block which came together pretty quickly.

Not much had to match up apart from the central square points so it didn't tax my brain too much