Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Little Chicken

In an effort to learn the basics of amigurumi, I made a ball, a really bad one, that became a chicken. I was enormously pleased with my first effort.

Then suddenly it breeded! You leave a chick alone for a few minutes and suddenly you have two more turn up. They are tiny! How can anyone crochet something that small? I must try harder. Their wings have given away their parentage for I do believe they are related to Sam's rabbit!

This was all possible due to the great new 'Making Things Club' created by Nikki which meets once every two weeks in trendy Shoreditch. Last week was actually sock monster night, but crochet called me. Here is one of the brilliant monsters!

1 comment:

Pippa said...

Found your blog this morning (I have started making my first ever sock monster) and I love it. In fact, I think I may have just spend an HOUR browsing your blog! How did that happen??
Anyway, you're blog is great. You're so creative! I cannot sew AT ALL (so my sock monster will certainly be interesting!) so I am very jealous indeed!
Cheerio for now my fellow Briton!