Sunday, March 01, 2009

Pencil Roll

I just finished my Pencil Roll whose offcuts spawned the Speaker quilt. I am really pleased with the vibrancy of it. I really enjoyed creating the spectrum of colours. I made it slightly taller so I could keep my knitting needles in it. I've got a bit of a mismatch of my own, my mums and my grandmothers needles. My mum has a huge bag of them so I get to borrow what I need. I am aiming to get the whole range of spotty needles in the end but they don't go down to the really small sizes. In the meantime I keep searching for coloured metal ones like some of my mums but so far I haven't had much luck. Next I might make one for crochet nedles! Perhaps I'd better get back to some crocheting first.

If you're looking for a fun, quick, project to get you started in the world of patchwork and quilting then I highly recommend buying this pattern from Pink Chalk


Anonymous said...

this is the cutest!

ray said...

Oh Jay, it's beautiful!!! You're such a Virgo!

Pippa said...

WOW! AMAZING! I NEED to make this!

I made a pencil/paintbrush holder similar to this with my dad when I was young (he's frighteningly good on the sewing machine) but it wasn't colourful like this one.

I want to make this, but it obviously won't be as good as yours.

Anonymous said...

You should do it. Of course it will be as good! You'll have to show me when it's done. It's a great project.

Sara said...

Hej! I was on the hunt for sockmonsters and found your blog. Really sweet one, like it super much. I'm making sockmonsters as well, so this one was a nice little insperation :).

Love from Sweden,