Sunday, May 13, 2012

Swoon Leftover Action

20120513-P1200714.jpg Another sunny, quiet morning with light streaming into the warehouse. After croissants I decided to make up my first block, which came together pretty quickly. Only three more to go. I worked it out that I scaled every Half Square triangle down to 2 1/2" as I wanted it to be a bit smaller and more delicate. Then I cut a central block 4 1/2". I like it when sizes match my rulers.

20120513-P1200707.jpg I laid out the blocks in the order I wanted then started sewing them together a bit at a time.

20120513-P1200710.jpg I sewed them into blocks of four, ironing my seams flat all the way through. It takes me much longer with all the ironing but I am on a constant mission to be more accurate with points.

20120513-P1200715.jpg Here's the other side of the finished block. It gets pretty lumpy where points meet making the material ruck up so flat seams seem to help a lot. Believe you me, I have done it both ways. It is a bit anal though.

20120513-P1200717.jpg Voila! The finished block. It's not perfect which was a bit disapointing and I even had to undo a few seams and resew them, but it's pretty good. The finished block is 12 1/2" so now I just need to make the remaining three and see if they are good enough to butt up together or whether I will make the whole thing bigger by putting white blocks inbetween.

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