Thursday, November 07, 2013

Thangle time

ThanglesSo the measles is abating and I knew today could well be the end of the mammoth five hour day time nap we have all been enjoying. So I decided to hunt around for new little projects. I saw this great quilt by Amanda and thought it brilliantly combines a couple of things I have been thinking about.

I really enjoyed making my latest iPad case out of scraps in a free form, wonky log cabin sort of way. I'd really like to try my hand at a bit more of this sort of thing but I am not sure what to make, how to do it, what to use.

I also wanted to revisit the Single Girl quilt, as although I found it a bit of a pain to make, I'd really like one for myself. I just remember how long it took. The idea of only having to make two blocks is great and the scrappy maple leaf block would be cool to make. I love the mini blocks hidden within the bigger leaf. After doing the Swoon quilt, I have been steering clear of huge blocks, but, well, I am always tempted to change my mind.

So I thought I'd start off small and not think too much about the bigger picture. I only really had a day. So I got out my Thangles and had a go!

Cut Thangles I was a bit skeptical about them as they seemed a bit gimmicky, but for £4.50 I thought I'd give them a go. It's such a small size to work with. I just couldn't imagine working with such tiny elements. They were great! No thinking needed. I did watch the video tutorial first though. I was pretty mesmerised by the guys sleeves though. That's one serious patchwork jacket out of shot there.

I can't say I was really exact, but I am still pretty impressed with it. Now I just need to sift through the scrap bag and dig out some autumnal orange and browns. I'll have to put pink in too I think. I have some favourite Fleamarket Fancy scraps I have been saving which will be perfect. I don't have many pale fabrics as I tend to just use white. I also avoid fabric with type on it as it brings out my dayjob. Now I wish I was more relaxed about it as I think they look really good here. I think it is the fact that there is actually a lot of variety in the lights and darks which makes the project so attractive. I am not sure I can achieve that with my scraps.

Maple I used a Liberty print that mum gave me from a pack of fat 16ths she didn't want anymore. There's not a lot of material in a 16th so a block this kind of size is perfect. The background is some misc Kona solid in some sort of colour. I also have a few more lined up, but it would mean showing you the state of my ironing board. Sigh. Don't shriek in terror. Layout Now do you see why I want a new one? Mum gave me this mini board when I left home for university. It has done its time. I changed the padding and was ready to recover it when I discovered that the whole thing is warped and not flat anymore which makes ironing anything challenging as it had dips in the metal. I do have a little flat pad somewhere that mum bought me but, well, its in a box somewhere, along with my Single Girl templates. Sigh.

Anyway tomorrow I might try and make some of these into the block that goes in the big maple. I need to do the math though which is my weak point. Let me see, the small block is 1 1/2", the large block is 21-22". Time to get planning.

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