Sunday, February 02, 2014

Appliqué cat

After a particularly noisy, trchnicolour visit to the local soft play centre, I put Penelope to bed and sat on the sofa in silence and happily appliquéd away for her entire naptime. It made me remember why I love appliqué so much. It's so relaxing.

The best thing is that it didn't cost me a penny! Well almost. The thread was some mum gave me. I hadn't really examined it before, but it was the perfect colour and really nice to sew with. I haven't used Perlé much, but it was just the right thickness for the job in hand.

The cat face fabric is Klona Cotton: Natural (Seeded) from Backstitch. It's really lovely to work with and I am looking forward to visiting the new shop and taking a look at all the Klona fabric. It was lovely and thick and really had the nice linen look I was after. I didn't want it to actually be linen though as I just don't need something else that needs drastic ironing. Life is too short to be endlessly ironing baby clothes. In fact, to be ironing any clothes. The pink cheeks are Klona Cotton: Pale Pink. I probably had some pink somewhere but I couldn't find it and solids are always useful.

I found this really easy. I didn't want perfectly round circles or a smooth cat face, weird I know, but it didn't feel right. I find smooth edges a real pain to achieve so the fact that the cat lends itself to a wonkier approach meant that my rather basic appliqué skills were perfect for the job! I wish there was a bit more to do really. I might have to think up another appliqué quilt to do where the same style could be applied. Another project in the making I don't have time for! But tonight I am making sleeves. I have never made sleeves before.

I have altered the Sally dress pattern slightly because I find the dress a bit hard to dress the wrigglebag. So I have added a slit to the back of the dress. I fear I have done it very badly. If I did it over I wouldn't cut a slit in the back piece. I would make it out of two separate bits and then once made, I would cut out the back shape. My back back shape is now a bit smaller than the front which has been a pain and the material is not lying flat on the inside. Luckily no one will see that, but I think it looks messy.

I did get a chance to use my new blindstitch foot mum bought be from Christmas. I followed this tutorial and it worked! I have learnt something new! I feel very proud of myself. So I am now going to blind/invisible hem everything. Next I want to learn zippers and buttonholes. There is no stopping me!

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