Saturday, May 03, 2014

iPad mini case

A quick naptime project. There was a meeting, there was no iPad case. It was not ideal. It was mentioned. I had been meaning to make one for a long time, but was warring with myself as all my ideas were pretty girly. So I decided to just get a grip and do something. This coincided nicely with finding a project bag full of the suit remnants I got from the tailors in Berwick street for The Rainbow Hexagon Quilt. I really need to finish that off. So I used some ultra soft herringbone suit fabric, Two layers of wadding, a wool lining (from an old cashmere sweater) and a Liberty Mitsi rouge trim.

The end result is really thick and padded, perfect for being on the move. I used the arm of a lovely soft cashmere jumper for the inside lining which was quite hard to sew as it stretches so much. It created this puckered effect at the top which is quite useful as it makes the opening tighter.

It's a pretty tight fit which is useful as it doesn't want to be sliding out inside the rucksack it will sit inside. I'm pretty amazed it fits. I was a bit worried with all that lining. I know it's a bit girly, but then I am a girl, I did my best to make it manly. I feel that Mitsi looks a bit Japanese and minimal. Only a man confident with his masculinity would carry a dash of Mitsi around with him.

As always, there has to be a tag. This gold little number says 'burger'. What better food stuff is there?

All in all, if I were to do it again I would not sew the outer and inners separate then fold and sew the flower fabric. It's a bit messy. I would sew the two bits together at the top and just leave an opening at the bottom on the inner lining so I could turn it inside out. I was just not on the ball enough to do that today. Boo. I need to think more. A common problem.

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Blue Moth said...

I love that touch of Mitsi.