Friday, November 13, 2015

FW 2: Aimee and 3: Alice

20151113-P1430132.jpg Another day, another sick person. I am well! But Penelope is not. We've had a proper full on sick day here. Thank heavens for cartoons. It's been really peaceful. I have been sewing whilst talking occasionally to the patient and trying to ply her with food. I decided therefore to finish up catching up! I am only two blocks behind at long last.

Block 2: Aimee
There's not much to say about this block. It was really easy in the end and came together really quickly. I've only got one other block that uses a big expanse of plain grey and so I think I need to create a few more. Sometimes I feel it's too plain but actually it's great laid out next to a fussy block such as the following one.

I was a bit worried about using the flowers after my blousy basket block, but I do like the print so I decided to stick with it. I think it works much better here. It's probably a bit more recessive than I originally wanted (this was what I was aiming for) and probably not as nice as others I have seen on instagram like this and this, but in general I am happy.

I'd been a bit stuck really. I've been slogging away at block 3: Alice for ages now. I thought that doing it in tiny bits would help me forget just how many bits there are! All that happened though was that I realised my fabrics were wrong. They were just flat, no contrast and they were just too samey. It really put me off and I decided to just drop the entire block. Here is the previous incarnation. I am not sure why it doesn't work for me. It just seems dull and murky and the grey points were lost against the grey dot background.

And because these were from so long a go they were both printed on tracing paper which is just rubbish. I forgot to turn my iron down and so burnt a few sections. That was the final straw really. Thankfully all those old printouts are done now so there's no more dealing with that. In celebration I have bought some Carol Deck Foundation Peicing Paper which I will use for the next batch. It won't be for a while though as I have already printed out up to block thirty.

Then this morning I decided to come at it afresh and just start again. So I printed out the pattern, cut the fabrics, sewed the sections, then sewed it togther. All in one go. It's amazing how chilled you can be when you have plenty of time.

Block 3: Alice

It's very slightly wonky, but I love it. I am just really happy that the new fabric choice turned out so well. I really like peachy oranges next to pink. It is really the theme of the whole quilt. I am also pleased that something I had basically given up on could turn itself around like that. I also like this version and this one.

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