Friday, January 15, 2016

FW27: Dinah & FW28: Dolly


Some belated blocks. The last ones I created before everything stopped for Christmas. Some good points and some bad ones...

Block 27: Dinah


The great thing about this block is that it didn't phase me. It's got a lot of very tiny pieces but I just concentrated on the process and did each bit slowly and everything came together pretty easily. I think you just have to take time colouring in the diagram. Sorting fabric out into piles for each unit, ironing and starching at every crease. It came out pretty good except for the middle which has a bit of a wobble because I took the paper off for some reason I forget now. The only negative is that it is a colourway I have used a few times now and I need to move off it if I want this quilt to have the varied look I think it is supposed to have. It's a bit like my grey star and peach phase. I seem to stick to the same colourway for three or four blocks then try and break free. Anyway I felt like I had graduated into experienced Farmer's Wifer... only took 27 blocks (with a few omissions).

Block 28: Dolly

Not so happy with this. I think the fabric choices are just a bit messy. I am starting to think that these more complex blocks need more solids in them. I also feel that my low volume fabric looks a little grubby and recessive. If I liked this block a bit more I might redo it, or if I see someone else's that I like I might try it again.


In the meantime I just stare at it and change my mind about it. I am sort of falling out of love with every block. I feel a bit like the Swoon monster, I am just spending too long with them. Maybe time to stand back and look at them all together...

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