Tuesday, May 31, 2016

FW69: Mrs Keller & FW70: Mrs Lloyd


Finally I am nearly caught up. With another half term round the corner though, it won't last. This week was so much easier than previous weeks. I rushed through them a bit and feel I could have spent more time choosing my fabrics, but at this stage, I am also just trying to use up scraps of fat quarters. It's a dangerous endeavour though. I ran out of my orange springs mid-block.

It was a quilting emergency. Luckily I have a big scrap bag and found just enough bits to keep on going. Thank the heavens. I mean I wasn't going to get much out of this... I have quite a few fat quarters in this state now. I spent a long time trying to get bits out of my Tigerlily cats and ballerinas but I think they are all dead! So I am having to revert to fabrics that aren't always my first choice.

Mrs Keller block 20160521-P1440612
I feel these two colour blocks are a bit flat. I am just hoping it comes together next to the busier ones when it comes to layout. I feel I could have easily added a third colour which annoys me. I should have thought a bit more about it.

But it's done and it's pretty neat apart from a few side bits where I forgot to save the extra fabric so I could cut them to size at the end. Hopefully it will be lost in the seams.

I mean look at that big chunk missing in the right! I am not sure how to combat that. But I could make this a half-edge block. Phew.

Mrs Lloyd block
Not sure about my two solids here but the purple was a scrap I found in the scrap bag so I thought it would be a good chance to use it up. I can honestly say that by the end there was no a single bit left. Very satisfying.

Now I just need to try and plough on a bit so I don't fall way behind in Half term.

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