Thursday, March 17, 2011



So I have been thinking about doing some hexagons (or English patchwork if you want to be technical). I have no idea why. It's all done by hand ye olde fashioned way and is a tonne of work unless you just make a pin cushion.) I have many other projects to do, but I quite like the idea of something I can do by hand, little by little. I am not quite sure if it is madness yet. I am still working it out. And I am not quite sure what would look nice. Should it be modern prints, totally random, with a bauhaus colour theme or small pretty sprigs. Plains and patterns forming larger shapes, white bits? Who knows, it is just a small idea lodging itself in the back of my head. Above are some different examples that have caught my eye.

1. The Pillow Talk { Swap } , 2. Eggs from just this morn, 3. Always work in progress, 4. Four, 5. Pillow Talk swap round 3, 6. YIP 365.299 :: Honeycomb Hexagon quilt from Fresh Quilting, 7. girly hexagon quilt, 8. checking out the hexagons...., 9. Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt, 10. butterfly hexes, 11. Hexillow, 12. Milk & Honey

I would also like to mention at this point that I left my crochet granny squares lying around in a pile for so long that they got infested by moths so I have had to wash them and put them in the freezer. I have a bad track record with these things, yet I yearn to start them.

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