Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crochet Injection


This Sunday I did a Make do and mend crochet course, the same people I learnt with. After learning the basic stitches in one class, and granny squares in another, I was having problems reading patterns so I did the general afternoon course in Limehouse. It was great to get reinspired and the venue was amazing.


We all sat round the table and chose a project we felt we needed guidance on. Some people were beginners doing Granny Squares whilst some people came with specific goals in mind.


Sam practiced doing a ripple cushion cover, whilst I tried to learn the art of reading patterns with this delicate edging. I wanted them to look like this


And there was homemade cake inbetween!


I learnt some great new stitches. I just need to try and remember them now! After my poor attempt at a delicate trim, I moved onto big wool.


But check out what was going on next door to me!



ray said...


Jaypeg said...

This is it! Before you know it's I have made you a crocheted jumpsuit fro Christmas! They do courses at Loop you know, we could always do one. I learnt two new stitches!

Claire Vincent said...

Wow, what a great place!

Sadly, your post has reminded me that it was my new year resolution this year to learn to crochet and I have failed massively on this one. Although I am pleased to say I have managed to find my hooks, eventually.
I'll have to crack it next year.

Jaypeg said...

Yeah, the course was a great catchup. I had basically forgotten everything! You could always find a local course. I still need to come down for our quilt weekend, we could do something then.