Monday, November 28, 2011

Pin Cushion

I saw this pincusion organiser on Noodlehead. The PDF instructions by Oh, Fransson were brilliant.

I made it on a sleepy Saturday for Rachel for Christmas using the flowery material we had each bought a piece of at Chilford and promised to turn into a Christmas gift for each other.


I really enjoyed making it. It was quite a long process and it used up quite a lot of material in the process but the finished result is very professional.


I made my top into stripes like Noddlehead. I really enjoyed trying to pick out delicate colours and matching solids. I've never really had any neutral solids before so I bought a few fat quarters from Strawberry Fayre and laid them out together.

The flannel in the middle is a brushed cotton cream pillow case from tescos which was £2! I'm just getting in to cream. I realise I don't have any cream material at all!

I really want to keep it!!!

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