Sunday, November 04, 2012

Hexagon diamond quilt done!

Penelope's Quilt
My English paper piecing quilt is finally finished. It has taken a month on the sofa of maternity leave where I worked on it everyday all day, and then 3 months of living with a newborn who will only let me have both hands free for about an hour a day.

Hexagon Quilt
The whole thing feels like a tremendous achievement for me as it represents so much hard work. It's very fragile though. I can already see weak parts where the stitching is loose. I should have tied more knots in the ends of each piece as I went along.

I thought I had so I don't understand why the threads are loose in a few areas. I suppose that I am just used to machining, maybe it's to be expected that there are a few loose bits. Hopefully they will hold up to everyday use.

The end result is really soft.

If you want to make one yourself here is the pattern I created. I printed this out onto thick card (not too thick, more like card you can easily fold in half, 200? 220gms?) 6-10 times and cut the shapes out with a scalpel and ruler. I reused some bits as I went along. I still have lots of fabric left but I didn't want to make the quilt massive. It's really just a cot sized quilt. I'd rather try a different pattern now. Dresden plate perhaps or a Lucy boston style quilt.


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Melissa said...

I would love to see a photo! That pattern is beautiful.

<3 Melissa