Saturday, April 06, 2013

iPad holder

20130406-P1250658.jpg Penelope is growing. She is also waking in the night but self-soothing. Great! But. She moves. Since day one we have placed an iPad or iPhone at the top of the cot so we can play her low level white noise. Oh how she loves the sound of a loud washing machine. It used to have the power to stop her colic scream. When she was first born it worked a treat and to be honest we've just kept it going as it masks the sounds of us creaking the floorboards when we go past her room. She's getting a lot better at sleeping through sounds now but she is also waking more with teething pain. So I decided now was not the time to wean her off her sound. But she can move up the cot now and can get perilously close to the iPad. So I decided to make a holder for it so we hang it vertically inside the cot.

20130406-P1250648.jpg I am not sure if anyone would have need of this save me, but I enjoyed making it! It hangs off both our cot and our Babybay crib.

20130406-P1250645.jpg I made it so the iPad speaker wasn't muffled. I might post up a pattern for it, even though I am sure no one really needs one!

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Unknown said...

Can you please post a patten I'm interested in making one.