Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cardigan Buttons

20130327-P1250243.jpg I have finished the cardigan! I blocked it last night which basically involved stretching it this way and that gently to even out the stitches, then wetting it through with a bit of wool wash detergent then pinning it to a board and shaping it. Now it's time to choose buttons. Which ones?

20130327-P1250244.jpg I quite like these wooden ones, although I am bit worried they will be too small.

20130327-P1250245.jpg I bought these from an antique button stall in Spital Fields market and have been longing to use them. I think they're a little big and chunky for this though.

20130327-P1250246.jpg I only have two of these and they are a little big, but I could go out into the big wide world and forage for another.

20130327-P1250247.jpg These feel a little big as well.

20130327-P1250266.jpg Are these too black? Time to sit back and think the options through.

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Stacey @ bakercourt said...

Ohhh buttons, my great love. I prefer the giant wood ones. Good luck choosing! x