Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jacob update

So I have been sewing in the evenings. It's so hot though that it's slow going. I suddenly realised that every petal should be on its own square rather than four on a square. I also realised that I should sew all the squares together before putting the petals on them. Oh well, you live and learn. There's no going backwards though so I am just going to carry on but maybe sew the rest of the block backgrounds together before I appliqué any more petals on. Better late than never. Note to self: Next time look up some instructions or think a bit about it.

You can see here that some of my petals have gone over my pencil boundary which probably means that they will be caught in the seam when I sew them up together. D'oh. This could look pretty rubbish. I am hoping it just looks homemade. It takes one evening to complete 4 petals so... well it's going to take a few weeks to complete. Luckily I have until September before Penelope's birthday when I present her with the teddy bed!

I have been creating a mismatch of blocks out of my assortment of plain neutral colours that I have been amassing over the years. Some of these are really old - like the spotted fabric. A few are Kona colours like 'Bone' and three of the nicest came from my beautiful Oakshott bundle I picked up last year from Birmingham which was in danger of still being unopened by the next Birmingham trip. I realise I am a fabric hoarder and I just need to let go. But fabric just looks so pretty all folded up. I just love looking at it. Terrible I know.

And behold! look what Mumple gave me! Her June Tailer desk tidy thingy. I have always love this. It sits on my mum's lovely sewing table and looks very cosy. Mum decided to declutter and look who inherited it complete with all the innards! It was like Christmas!

My blocks are all created from random 2" strips. This means I can trim them down to the 3 1/5" to match the blocks I already have. I am not sure if I like them. I need to get a bit further in and think about it a bit more.


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Blue Moth said...

Nothing with Oakshott and Liberty will be rubbish. That's heresy! This will be lovely. Watching your progress with envy.