Sunday, August 10, 2014

Festival of Quilts 2014

Ahhh another year, another quilt show. Life is pretty peachy. It was a great show. It coincided nicely with the very end of all my maternity savings. As it's my 40th birthday this year I decided to blow some cash and stock up on small projects. I felt a bit bad as really I should save the money as after this I will have nothing, but I felt this was all good for my mental health. Let's buy some stuff!

We saw some great quilts, not that many that were really 'my thing' though. Once again, the nicest ones were the historical ones which you can't photograph. I am so old fashioned, I just love that stuff. I did like this bold single girl quilt.


And I love the sheer work involved in this huge postage stamp quilt. I mean that must have taken years!


In an age dominated by massive Gamal machines and technology, I'm always on the look out for hand piecing and hand quilting. It's just very impressive.


That's all I really took photos of. We didn't spend as long in the quilts this year because we spent Sunday morning doing a course! High excitement. It was my birthday present from Rachel. It was excellent! We loved it. We did the Block Printing for Beginners with Louise Batten


We tried not to go mental like we usually do as it was only an hour long, so we considered ourselves quite chilled. We just experimented.


I really want to buy some white ink and try printing some simple shapes on my linen fat quarter I bought from the Eternal Maker just for this very purpose. I am pleased that the inks are just simple acrylics and all the tools are cheap to find. It's a refreshing change, especially as I am so poor now. More on what I bought tomorrow once I have unpacked it all!

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