Friday, July 31, 2015

A little Catch Up

20150731-P1420162 Birmingham looms. It is the biggest quilt show I have ever attended. It is a beast. It is brilliant. I love the NEC. Can I say that? It's just a great venue to cater for all those people and yet not be claustrophobic. And there are some secret loos that are never busy. It is ace.

We are enlarged to a party of four this year. Me, Mumple, Maggie and Rachel. It is going to be epic.

It's a good time and a bad time for it all to happen. Bad because I have just lost my job. Good because I just got my redundancy through and reckon I deserve some quilting treats to make up for it! So let's shop!

It's also a time to take stock of all projects on the go and all ones planned for the future. I always feel like you should finish off some projects so you are allowed to buy new stuff.

So lets talk about what's cooking...

20121228-IMG_2481.jpg Existing Projects
Star quilt
I still need to sew the final blocks together. Then find the last white sheet Rachel gave me for the backing. I think I have the wadding in the cellar somewhere perhaps. Not sure. It's too big to lay out here though and too big to get through the machine unless I put the sewing machine on a bigger table so I'll have to do it by hand. It's currently sitting in a bag in the cellar and I worry about the damp getting to it. I also worry that I don't like it anymore; it's so... flowery! It just needs to be finished.

20150731-P1420153 Jitterbug
I have been sewing my stripy borders. It's all cut out and I have sewn half of them. I do a little bit everyday at pootime. I will finish it! It's next on my list. I need to finish it so that I can wash it. I think it will be much nicer scrunchy.

20150731-P1420178 Postage stamp
Just quilting it. I need a binding for it though so I could use some Liberty stuff I find at Birmingham or just use a plain grey. It involves some kind of purchase.

20150731-P1420173 Penny's jolly little sofa quilt
I just need to bind it. I might use cheap yellow binding from the cheap craft shop. We have two other yellow sofa quilts which get a lot of use. I'd like to add this one to the fray so then I can wash them all on rotation. They get some harsh use. Penelope loves her quilts!

New projects!
Medallion quilt
Saw this in my Liberty Love: 25 Projects to Quilt and Sew Featuring Liberty of London Fabrics. It could be awful and fiddly and a bit of a train crash or it could just be splendid. I saw Kate from MisforMake's version and was totally sold. I love it. She always posts really nice instagram pictures of it all scrunched up. I think I would like my own scrunchy version. I ordered the big solid border fabrics from MisforMake, the rest can be done with scraps and fat quarters, but I might keep my eye out for some bits. I think it will be purples, yellows and turquoise just like hers. I might even use my treasured Lizzie House fabric. Can I bear it?

Posie Improv Quilt
I need to start this using all my lovely scraps of Liberty. I think I have everything I need for it. Maybe just another nice fat quarter of Liberty from a bargain stall or a nice peach or green solid.

So really I don't need anything much at Birmingham. But that's quite nice in a way as then you can just wonder around. Things I wouldn't mind looking out for though...

A dresden plate template - You never know...
More Kaffe Fasset shot solids - A good place to see the entire range
The Shuttle - Always a bargain
Petra Prins - It's tradition. I have to visit
The Eternal Maker - I have never managed to walk past without a purchase
Fabrics Galore - Always a bargain
The discount Liberty stall - I forget its name. It's ace.

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