Friday, July 03, 2015

Neutral Half Squares

Afternoon sewing
It has been very warm and muggy here, almost too warm to muster any effort for activity. Oh how I wish there was aircon. I really wanted to finish my simple half square quilt that I started last friday though. I didn't want it hanging around. It was suposed to only take a few hours. So I sewed my log cabins from the scraps. It was very fulfilling. I had based it on this beautiful quilt that Brooke made. I wanted it to be a bit bigger though in order to show off the fabrics more. Unfortunately it's a bit too big to display properly!

I am a bit sad now that it's not smaller, but hey ho. I have put it away and will take it out tomorrow and see how I feel about it. The great thing about it is that it was very cheap to make AND it was all stuff I bought at Birmingham last year so I cannot be accused of being a hoarder.

I bought 10 fat quarters for £1 each which is amazing in itself. They were from The Shuttle. I think they are cotton Percale as they have that lovely smooth sheeting feel to them. I love percale. It goes really soft with washing. I just need to find some backing for it. I am going to rummage around through my stash. Whatever it ends up being, it needs to be cheap so as to keep with the theme. I feel like I have got something out of my head that has been taking root since I saw these fabrics at Birmingham. I'm really glad they weren't a useless purchase. I was worried at the time as I really like to go with projects in mind and buy specifically for them. But overall I am pretty chuffed. I just need to work out if I like what I have made.

Here are all my colours together. Bold choices for me. I am not really a green person. I love the dusky purple with the peachy colour though. The patterns are all precious.  I love them so much.
Two prints from Wildwood by Elizabeth Olwen which I bought from The Village Haberdashery
Two precious Denyse Schmidt prints and some Heather Ross Far Far Away fabric

I think it's time to finish the border on the Jitterbug after this.

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