Saturday, August 06, 2016

FW93: Starlight & FW94: Susannah

This week has been hard in the fact that I am so over making blocks! I can see the finish line so clearly now I am rushing. I decided to do both blocks this week; one easy, one a bit harder. I doubt there will many more weeks with both blocks completed. Above are my untrimmed sections. I also realised that after waiting till halfway through this process to get my small rotary cutting mat, then not using it for a long time, it has finally become a regular fixture. I wouldn't say it was essential, but once you are in the groove it does make life easier so I am glad I own it.

It's definitely an easy process to trim my blocks down using it in combination with mum's 6.5 inch ruler. I do think that ruler has been pretty essential to the process so I would buy more square rulers in the future if I was doing a big project.

Block 93 Starlight
93 Starlight
I was in two minds about this block as it does have a few funny angles in it but I am glad I made it in the end. The finished shape is very pleasing and the pink fabric hasn't been featured much so it's good to get a bit more of it in. Nearly everything lined up perfectly in the end so it was relatively painless to put together.

I think the only slightly off bit is that dark purple ray coming towards you. Very slightly off. Oh well, I am still pretty happy.

And the back is very neat meaning the whole block lies nice and flat.

Block 94 Susannah
I wasn't going to make this block, purely because it was a bit similar to block 49: Katherine, but then I realised how much I liked that block so I changed my mind. So not only did I make it, I used my favourite fabrics in it.

I really like how it turned out. I love the peach solid.

And the back is very neat mainly because it was a nice, simple block.

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