Sunday, August 07, 2016

FW99: Widow

This week. After laying out my blocks I realised that I needed only one of the last 5 blocks in order to complete my layout so I thought it fitting to just make the last one. It felt weird thinking this was the last time. A rite of passage.

Block 99 Widow 20160806-P1450339
I wasn't that sure about this block but it felt like the one to make and in fact I really like it. I should have put the first block and the last in opposite corners but I wasn't that organised.

I really like the peachy colours combined with the yellows. Sometimes I wish all my blocks had followed this theme. I just hope there is enough of this palette in the end result.

Open seams were a must. I am pretty happy with the tidiness of the back. A very satisfying last block. Now back to sewing it all together. I have completed all my strips. I just need to sew the inbetween sashing strips. I doubt I will finish this before Birmingham but at least I tried. Roll on Thursday and The Royal Festival of quilts!

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