Thursday, September 21, 2017

Festival of Quilts

20170811-IMG_7751 I'm really sorry it's been such a quiet year for me. Life has taken over and my sewing machine is making a grinding noise. Everything quilty has taken a back seat for a while. But it did not stop me going to Birmingham this year. I couldn't miss the opportunity to take mum away for the weekend. We decided to go Thursday/Friday this year and I don't think it made much difference to the numbers really. The above shot is taken at around 10.30. By 11 you could barely move! But you just have to take your time which we did. Because I have been so out of the loop with my sewing, I felt less driven; less crazy. I had a very small shopping list. Sometimes this is good because it means you can meander more. More about what I bought later... Due to my lackadaisical nature, I forgot to take my big camera and I didn't spend as long looking at the quilts as usual, but I did see some lovely things. See the full album here Otherwise, here are a few highlights. 20170811-IMG_7737 20170811-IMG_7748 20170811-IMG_7744 I really enjoyed looking through the 365 day challenge. I had seen this around the web and had been really tempted to join in, but after The Farmer's Wife, I just needed a rest. Do I really need a 90"x 90" quilt in my life? Not really. But I LOVE these sampler type quilts. I loved looking at the different colour combinations, choices of lights and darks and how they changed the pattern. It was great. Such a huge body of work. Check out the website for more info. 20170811-IMG_7762 I've got this Moda pattern, but I admit, seeing it up close made me realise how big some of those blocks are. 20170811-IMG_7778 Such beautiful fabric. I love this. 20170811-IMG_7780 Especially this bit with the big white circle. It makes me want to get my screenprinting kit out that Rachel bought me. 20170811-IMG_7808 I love the bright colours in this quilt. 20170811-IMG_7788 There were some really lovely modern quilts this year. I think that's more than enough. There were some epic quilts there. I am always blown away by just how many man hours they must take to make and how perfect the sewing is. Another great year at the show.

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