Thursday, September 21, 2017

What I bought

20170810-IMG_7725 No Festival post would be complete without showing all the stuff I bought. I often look back through these types of post to identify where I bought something from so they are pretty useful to me.

For once, I don't think I went overboard. In a way it was sad, because I haven't been actively quilting I had no projects in mind really, no burning desires or half-baked plans. The only things I wanted were:

  • Bottom Line Thread – It's perfect for hand piecing but it's expensive so I have decided to buy three rolls every year to build up a bit of a stash. At the moment I only have white and dark & light pink thinking that these would get me through, but if you want to be 100% invisible then it doesn't hurt to match thread to material colour as much as possible. So I am on a mission to amass a bit of a spectrum. They do an offer at Birmingham on three rolls so that's always good to take advantage of.
  • Batik Fabric – Although I have paused on projects, the last thing I was working on was a batik log cabin made by mum's quilting group. I don't really own any batik fabric. I am not even sure I like it sometimes, but I loved mum's quilt she made and she had lots of extra strips cut. I mean loads! So I had nearly everything I needed. But I wanted to buy a few fat quarters and possibly a backing.
  • Hiroshima Needles – So I bought some of these needles last year and they have grown on me. Of course my little glass test tube lost its cork whilst rattling around in my silly sewing kit which has gaps in the sides and half the needles were lost instantly. D'oh. SO I was on the look out for some more. 


Can you believe it?

Well of course, it's never quite that simple on the day...

So let's break it down

20170901-P1470002 So I got my batik fabric, even the backing. It has made me motivated to finish it off.

20170810-IMG_7732 Got my thread and needles. Amazingly I had forgotten the stalls I bought them from but they were in exactly the same position this year and I recognised the stalls instantly. And last but not least...

20170810-IMG_7734 Every year mum buys me my birthday present from the show as it's only a few weeks after the show. This time she bought me this Monkey Buttons Sunset pattern and 8 fat quarters to go with it. I have a real issue with this quilt. I think I love it because of the fabric colours. I saw it last year and decided that I would never be able to recreate them as they are just not my colours. My mind can't even bend itself to their will. But I remembered it and went to look at it again. It just feels like an autumn/haloween/bonfire quilt. Mum talked me into it by saying the best course of action was to use fabric from their shop and to buy it all right then whilst we had the real quilt in front of us. It was very extravagant as the last thing I need is more fabric, but nothing much I have is those tones. So in the end, mum bought 8 quarters and I bought 8 so I would have enough. And then of course I got a few extra bits from my favourite stalls

I love The Shuttle. It's so cheap! I love their solids. They feel as if they are made from sheeting and go really soft. I am always on the lookout for warm greys for my stash so these were perfect.

20170810-IMG_7729 I love Sunflower Fabrics. I always have to buy something from Maggie. Liberty fabric is so bloody expensive but this is one of my favourite patterns.

20170810-IMG_7723 I didn't buy anything from Worn and Washed this year, but not because I didn't want to. I held back because I haven't touched what I bought time from Kim. I loved these hexagon cushions though. And last but not least... I bought one single fat quarter from The Eternal Maker. I have never been so restrained. Without Rachel there to guide me, plus the fact that I still haven't made the purse I bought all the stuff for last year, made me hold myself. So 1 fat quarter goes towards my Monkey Buttons quilt. That, as they say, is all folks.

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