Friday, April 01, 2011


Quilt 04

So at last the speaker quilt is done. I am free of the task which has been sitting on my list if things to do for what seems like years.

Amy Butler

I based it on this lovely Amy Butler quilt really. Although her one is a bit too wonky for my virgoan tendencies.

Quilt 05

I did the same as before by sewing an odd patch of buttons on it and using the letter function on the Bernina to write some words associated with its owner. I did them all really badly but I quite like that.

Quilt 01

Quilt 02

And I also tried some of the other decorative stitches that I never use.

Now that is out of my system, and now that my 'Warm and Natural' wadding arrived from Quilt Direct, I am ready to baste together my big psychedelic quilt this weekend. I am a convert to the spray glue method. I washed my last quilt in the washing machine and it seemed fine so spray glue is cool with me. my mum thinks it takes away from the process, but basting is my least favourite part and is always the moment where I stop a project and out it away forever, so I think, well, you might as well choose not to spend time on the things you don't like.


Claire Vincent said...

ooh Jay, that looks fantastic. I have to say the Amy Butler one looks great, |'ve never bought any of her fabrics, maybe it's something I should try out once.

Your Bernina is sooo fancy,
c x

Anonymous said...

My Bernina can do the most amazing things all of which I never use! It's like having a Porsche but only driving at 10mph!

You need a mini project to get some Amy Butler lovin going!