Saturday, April 16, 2011


Quilt 03

Rachel asked me what I was working on the other day so I thought I would post it up here. The answer is... I am hand quilting the 60° degree Material Obsessions quilt.

Quilt 02

After thinking that I would never have to hand tack a quilt together ever again now I had discovered 505 spray glue, I have since come to the conclusion that its gluing properties are very weak and unless you are about to whizz it through a machine, it fails when constantly twisted on the lap over a week or two. I don't mind though. I have been feeling that my quilts were rather too flat; too perfect. I am seeking the puffy scrunchiness of an old-fashioned much loved quilt. A quilt you might find in Bagpuss' house. Although, this traincrash of colours would hardly feature there.

Quilt 04

I have decided this is the kind of quilt I would have in my Barbican flat, my Erno Goldfinger flat or my Frank Lloyd Wright house. It is kind of 50s 60s quilt.

Anyway, I went to my local craft shop which is kind of one up from a pound shop. It's the cheaper side of craft equipment which is actually great as there are lots of great things in there. One of the best things is that they stock a full range of Gutterman thread. I just bought some of their cheap thick thread in orange, yellow, turquoise and blue and decided to use all of those randomly on the quilt. The finer, more subtle specific quilting threads I have are all in pale colours and just didn't see to fit. Plus a pool of King Tut is £6, whereas a spool of Guttermans is £1! Mum would probably tell me that there is a very good reason for that... but then she did tell me spray glue was not a good idea. One day I might actually start listening!

Quilt 01

Yeah, so every evening I do a little bit more. I would say I am half way almost. It's a huge quilt, but I am doing very big stitches so they show up. All the spirals are just done by eye, well I sketch the next bit with a white pencil so then I can not think about it for a while. The last spirals I did were all traced and measured so this is an experiment. I will line then up side by side and see which is the most successful.

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Claire Vincent said...

love the idea of circles on all those triangles. I don't think you should be so down on this quilt, I think it might surprise you at the end.
You just need to stick it on the ol' white bedding, and it'll go pow!

Also like the sound of Gutterman thread, £1 a spool!