Friday, June 22, 2012

Fabric stash

20120701-P1210541.jpg Some new fabric arrived today! I realise that sometimes I want to restock a fabric but I have cut all the salve edge information off it and can't remember a thing about it. I think it's time I had some kind of catalogue. I do have a scrap book I stick samples in but I've started to think it would just be easier to go digital and take pictures of everything as it comes in. So here I go!

I have to make a cushion. I have never made one before. It has to fit in with a nice studio setting so I decided to buy this "Zig Zag" Fabric in Corn Yellow, Chevron Fabric from Moderncloth on Etsy. I also got some matching Yellow Chevron Twill Ribbon, 3/4 inch, Herringbone Ribbon just in case I needed to do ties. I have never made a cushion, it's not really my thing. All I know is that it has to be a manly cushion. I need to think about this. I might go to IKEA and buy some cheap innards. It needs to be quite thick so I might put two together.

This could all go horribly wrong, but the fabric is so cool!

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