Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sofa time

20120701-P1210526.jpg So finally I have finished hand quilting the massive Swoon quilt. I just need to trim it and attach the borders. Pictures after that's done. We have an imminent house move so it might get put away for a while in the move. In the meantime I thought I shouldn't neglect the Swoon offcut quilt which also needs quilting. I did pretty big stitched just over 1/4" away on the Swoon and now I wanted to do something tinier and more intricate so I am a lot closer in to the seams now. I'd say 1/8".

20120701-P1210527.jpg I've got two quite bright red and green mercerised fine cotton threads going on here. Green for the centres of the white stars and the red for everything else. I am pretty pleased with how it is coming together and with how soft the backing is. It will be good to get it done. I finally feel like I am making headway through the quilt backup!

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