Sunday, July 01, 2012

Lazy Sunday

20120701-P1210529.jpg Today I plan to sit on the sofa watching mindless telly whilst I trim all these out. Jeez. I am hoping they aren't short on size. I have tried to sew them a little less than 1/4" inch and I cut them just over the line to make them slightly more generous. I am sick of having flying geese which are just short of the size they need to be. I am pretty sure it's that kind of thing that makes my stars wonky. If this fails then I might learn the oversize method but it seems to only make 1 goose at once whereas this method makes 4 in no time. Here's hoping!

 I probably shouldn't have made them all in advance like this but hey ho. These are my all time favourite fabrics. it's killing me to think I might botch this up!

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