Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sawtooth working

sawtooth colours.jpg So today I sat down and tried to work out how my blocks were going to go together. I decided to make 9 nine-blocks then put those together to make the central part of the quilt. Here is my basic working out. I was just trying to work out how many blocks of each pattern I had and how they would go together without two of the same ending up side by side. I think I've cracked it. Here's what it looks like if the colours are replaced by the actual patterns.

sawtooth layout.jpg I took these pictures in a rush the night before we moved when I was packing them away so they're dark and blurry but I thought it might help me get an idea of how it will end up looking. I hope it comes out nice in the end. I can't really tell at the moment.

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