Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Washing the Swoon

Swoon washed I think it looks much better washed. I did it on the gentle cold wash first and dried it on the washing line. It didn't look that scrunched to be honest. Then I noticed it had got stained from brushing against a plant pot and in a fit of annoyance just plonked it on a standard cotton wash with a tumble dry. Well it came out perfect! All scrunchy just like this one. Swoon washed It was just too neat and smooth before. Swoon washed Now it looks lived in. I just need it to get all soft now.


Anonymous said...

This has turned out beautifully.

Rynae said...

Been spying for weeks love the quilts absolutely gorge

Jaypeg said...

Thanks Rynae
It's always hard when you stand back and look at something you have spent months making. Sometimes you just don't like it which is a bit heart breaking. I'm really pleased with how this turned out. I wish I'd been a bit more creative in my fabric choices. I basically just used the ones recommended in the pattern, but I'm still amazed I actually finished it!