Friday, August 17, 2012

Moses Basket Quilt

20120701-P1210560.jpg So one pillowcase has become the softest baby quilt

20120701-P1210555.jpg The applique petals came out perfectly. There are still a few yellow chalk marks where I quilted some straight lines but they'll come out with use.

20120701-P1210557.jpg Here is a close up of the quilting stitches I did round the petals. I try to use cotton abrode but I don't have very much. So when in doubt I simply use Gutterman button thread which they seem to sell everywhere and is really cheap. I find it really smooth and just the right thickness. Terrible I know, but it makes for a really cheap quilt! The binding was just a pack of yellow bias binding from John Lewis.

20120701-P1210538.jpg Basically a very quick, cheap, soft quilt! I was thinking I might try and draw up the pattern. I can't quite decide.

Pillowcase baby quilt It fits perfectly in the moses basket.

Pillowcase baby quilt And in the Babybay bedside cot.

Pillowcase baby quilt I know you're not suposed to use blankets but they seem to sell them in Mamas&Papas so I guess they're just there to look nice really. See the start of the project here

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Loving your work lately!