Sunday, December 30, 2012

Carseat Quilt

20121229-P1230986.jpgWe keep going out in the car without a blanket for the carseat which attaches to the buggy. You need something you can really tuck in as Penelope likes to kick. It's been so windy and cold of late that I decided that the perfect solution would be to use some of our old cashmere jumpers which are riddled with holes but which are incredibly soft and warm. I have kept them hoping that there would be some use for them so in a fit of industry I very clumsily chopped off the arms of one, sewed them to the main body and made this double layer quilt. You can still see the cashmere label at the bottom!

20121229-P1230982.jpg The whole thing took about half an hour. I wasn't very exact. I just wanted to get out of the house so we could go for a windy walk. But I did manage a few embellishments. I added some ribbon tags which would help with keeping the sides tucked in and also give her something to play with. I thought they might be dangerous if I left them open loops so I sewed them shut.

20121229-P1230985.jpg I was worried that the holes would weaken it so I sewed a few strips across the middle in fluro thread. I never got round to the crochet edging. I might make another bigger one when I find the rest of the jumpers. I'll spend more time on that one and do it properly!

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