Monday, December 10, 2012

Wonky Crossstitch

20121210-P1230832.jpg It's not my style to label my quilts, but I decided that I would do so for Penelope's quilt. All my books and most of my sewing stuff is packed away in boxes so when I decided to do some crossstitch I had neither the thread nor the book of alphabets I had bought years a go. So I just decided to do a sloppy job. I drew a plan and then drew it on with fabric pen. It all slopes down as it progresses and the crosses are all different sizes but I decided it was part of its charm. I used variegated quilting thread in the end as it was all I had out.

Cross.jpg It all goes a bit haywire after the first three letters but I think this represents this time well. I only get small pockets of time in which to do any sewing so invariably I cut corners and do things half heartedly. I decided not to do the numbers in the end. They didn't have the same traditional feel for some reason.


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