Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pin Cushion

20121218-P1230941.jpg I managed to make one Christmas present this year; a pin cushion for Ray. I didn't think I would ever have enough handsfree time in which to do it, but Penny is getting much better at napping on her own now so I get a few pockets of time. It was a Jeni Baker pattern on Make which Jess had pinned on Pinterest

20121218-P1230933.jpg I had a few fat quarters of Woodland Tails by Riley Blake. I had to fill in the blanks with a few different fabrics.

20121218-P1230937.jpg I filled it with millet which is actually a bit light so I'd try something heavier next time. I'd probably make it a bit smaller as well. It's really easy to make. It only took an hour. It makes me think about making a log cabin quilt one day.

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