Thursday, January 30, 2014

Catnap dress contest


I don't know, I seem incapable of just doing one project at a time. The sawtooth star is overwhelming that I have put it to one side. I have been working on the MapleO which is going great... But...

Then I saw Lizzy House was doing a dressmaking contest using her Catnap fabric. What a perfect idea! I had been about to buy some of the line anyway as I just love it. I am annoyed that nowhere in the UK sells the entire range, but then I shouldn't really be buying all of it anyway. In the end I bought some from Backstitch which is fast becoming a favourite online retailer for me. It is so quick! You can see the Catnap range she stocks here.

I was really torn between two of the fabrics. I just couldn't make up my mind. So I bought both! Shocking. I am so poor! What is wrong with me? But I knew that it was strong love I felt and that this range was going to be like Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy where I kicked myself for months and months after it had all gone out of stock so quickly. These days I have a stern talk with myself and try and only buy fabric I really, reaaaally like. I have quite enough in my stash that I really am not that keen on. Yet there are some fabrics I return to again and again. These latter ones are the only ones I want to buy these days. Anyhow, Catnap is a keeper!


I have decided to make Penelope another Sally dress as I really like the pattern and the one she is in now won't fit her that much longer. I can barely get her into it. So I thought I could make her a size 3 bodice with a size two bottom bit. I am not that great at choosing fabrics that match or combining colour unless it is really obvious. I ended up with two choices.


I have decided to go with the beige and purple group as I just love the big cat faces. I cut out the fabric today and didn't have enough of the purple bracelet fabric so I decided to make the pockets odd colours with odd linings. A test really to see what goes. Plus it will look quirky I hope. Or a mess. Yes it could just look like a mess.


I have also decided to do a little appliqué! Ooooh. I want a big cat face on the pocket. Why not? I was going to sew it on as felt but I thought appliqué would be more special. Penelope will probably just pick it off. It gives me a chance to use my black gold appliqué sharps which mum bought me for Christmas two years a go. So far so good. They really mega sharp so they glide through the layers. I like how the black metal has a Matt finish - for no particular reason - they just look cool. 

My cat is going to bleed off the side of my pocket. I don't want him to appear too symetrical as I don't feel that is in keeping with the fabric. Sorry the pictures are so gloomy. Project time is almost always in the evenings these days. 


So I roughly drew a cat face from the fabric. But now I have period pains so no sewing it tonight. I need to get into bed and watch some Swedish/Danish thriller. Tak!

Join me on Instagram and see the catnapdresscontest hashtag thingamajig. I am so down with the kids.

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