Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Bank Holiday Block

A long bank holiday and absolutely no daytime napping... sigh. So today, after doing allll her favourite things, train, bus, museum AND playpark, I felt like weeping a little bit when she popped her head round the door in a chirpy manner just 20 minutes after putting her to bed. I was just in a happy place cutting out some fabric. So I did a test. I sat her down with a snack, 'Hey Duggee' on the iPad and her new jigsaw laid out in front of her, whilst I tried to do some sewing... and she let me! Well, for some time. It was amazing. It's a sign of the future hopefully.

I am really into looking through my Judy Hopkins book. It just has everything you would ever need. I mean how can you go wrong right? A while a go I saw the beginnings of a great looking quilt by Katy. I had the pattern for the Rising Sun block in my book sand I had some of the Cuckoo's Calling fabric so it seemed like I was destined to follow. I waited for a month thinking it might be a pattern in the next issue of her magazine but alas, no.

I have ground to a halt with the Jitterbug whilst I sort out buying some more white sheeting fabric. My star quilt is packed in the cellar so I can't finish that. My postage stamp is just as hand quilting stage and is reserved for evening work. My fractal quilt needs the next lot of fabric choosing for another block... But I wanted to sew! So I decided to just make two blocks like Katy's. So I made a nice cup of tea, took my time, and took over the new office desk which is not mine. It's great. It's big and not covered in my crap. Perfect.

I think being so peaceful and methodic really helped with my accuracy. I also cut all my units bigger than specified so I could trim them down before constructing the final block. I also used my swanky new iron to iron all the seams flat open. It really helps with some of the thicker seams. I really like this yellow fabric I bought at Duxford. It was one of the only things I bought but now it makes the trip worthwhile.

I am really pleased with the finished blocks. I had thought seeing as these are 12" blocks at finished size that I might create some 4" versions or 6" ones and cobble them all together. But... my blocks ended up somehow measuring 13 1/4"... I am not sure how that happened. So I might just carry on following Katy's modern sashing technique. So I might make some more blocks as these were a lot of fun to make. They feel very jolly somehow. I am going to run out of bird fabric though so it's time to think what else would go with them.

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