Monday, May 25, 2015

Feather project bag

A while a go I did some small feather blocks in an effort to learn foundation Piecing. I really enjoyed doing them even though my iron broke. I wasn't sure what to do with them. I thought I might combine them with my fractal blocks I am making. Then I decided that perhaps I should make Rachel a project bag for her birthday. I have been amassing lots of purples, linens and stripes thinking that I might make something log cabiny / half squarey like this by Brooke.

I decided to use my fabric pull - hark at me knowing all the terminology - and make Rachel a bag. I am such a nice friend. These are such precious fabrics that I almost can't bear to use them. I just love looking at them. I love the Kaffe Fasset shot cotton, it's so soft.

So I cut into my stash deciding not to be so precious and haordy. I just cut some strips and put all the fabric away. It makes everything a lot easier. I do love improv log cabin in that way. So refreshing after all those precise points in the Jitterbug.

I was a bit worried it would look rubbish to be honest. I never really know if fabrics go together. I feel blind sometimes. Even though they were all a similar hue I still felt blind. I reeeealllly like how this block turned out. I want to keep it and hug it and have it always.

I am really pleased with how the green fabric held up against the purples. I love it. I want to make a whole quilt like this now.

Front and back together.

And specially because I love her, I am going to break into my uber cool zips I got at the quilt show. They are the perfect colour.

I backed each external panel with wadding, quilted them a bit randomly and trimmed them to 13 x 12".

I toyed with not quilting them at all but I did in the end as it makes the bag stiffer and allows you to do some stitching on top.

Here is an idea of the size. An ipad fits in with room to spare. I think I'd rather use it to store rulers and scissors and bits of a project. I reallllly want to keep it. The sign of a good present.

I'm really pleased with the muddy yellow lining. I wasn't sure it would go but I love it.

And I even put a little felt in to store needles. I am very pleased.

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