Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bank holiday quilt finished!

 I really wanted this to be a small project. Just a bit of frippery to be over as soon as it had begun. Luckily, Penelope allowed me to do some sewing whilst she was awake and whilst she was poorly. Silver lining and all that. So I completed the top today. The first three blocks came together quilt quickly. I am sad that my other colour combos aren't as nice as the original ones. They are sunny and jolly though which is good.


The new adjustable computer table as been completely taken over by me. It's amazing. I can make it really high which is really useful. I love it! Check out my flat seams. Worth the extra effort. I didn't do them everywhere, just where they helped the fabric lie flat.

I love the scrappy feel and the offset borders. It's really Katy's idea. I have half-inched it. But I am into it!

I used up all my Alison Glass Sun Print fabric though. I am sad about that. It's really grown on me.

I managed to insert a bit of tiny thangle action into the borders. I wanted them to be a bit like the MapleO ones with small details in them.

I really like the Geese and Ribbons I put in.

Just need a backing for it now. Nothing really right for it in the scrap bin so I need to get thinking. Maybe something yellow. The finished quilt top is 31 1/2" by 46". Each block was 14 1/12" once I had added the borders. Perfect for a toddler bed.


Kim said...

Lovely quilt- well done! You are very industrious with your sewing and I always look forward to seeing what you make. Which Judy Hopkins book are you reading at present?

Jaypeg said...

Thanks Kim! I have Judy Hopkins' book: 501 Rotary-cut Quilt Blocks. It's a brilliant resource.