Saturday, February 13, 2016

FW4: Anne & FW7:Augusta

This week also saw the continuation of my need to go back and redo some of my earlier blocks which just don't sit well with me. My initial foray didn't really seem worth it, but these two blocks have definitely made me think it's a worthwhile exercise.

Block 4 Anne
I was really not into this block when we started the Quilt a long. It was the first one I dropped. But then I saw this lovely old quilt and I totally changed my mind! Then I saw this fabric pull from Rachel Wooden Spoon and realised I had all the fabrics bar one, I knew how I would make it.

Upon reflection I think the white butterflies are a bit busy and it would have looked more sophisticated with the very pale text fabric I have, but there is something jolly about it that I love. Plus now that it uses two of my all time favrourite fabrics (Denyse Schmidt ones), well there is no going back. I love it.

And I think it uses the brown perfectly. The whole pink and orange colour scheme is making for a very jolly quilt.

Block 7 Augusta
So this block is really a homage to this block by Emmy. I'm a bit annoyed my middle dancer is not the right way up, not sure how that happened really but I won't lose any sleep over it. I still much prefer it to the old one.

It felt a lot quicker this time. Perhaps your expectations get lower after doing some of the more complicated blocks. I had an entire sick day on the sofa with Pen which allowed me the time to make this. The only annoyance is this one triangle which doesn't fit. I have no idea how that happened. I was so careful. I pinned all my seam joins. Pah. Win some, lose some. I still like it.


Let's compare!

Block 7:Augusta 20160213-P1430465.jpg
What do you think? They are almost like two totally separate blocks.

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