Monday, February 08, 2016

FW41 Granny & FW42 Heather

I am still ahead of myself this week which is no bad thing as Half term and Easter are nearly upon us and I don't want to fall behind again. I find it bad for my seeing mojo. As luck would have it I managed to sew both my blocks this weekend and I even went back and redid and old block.

After looking at it side by side with the other blocks though I decided the original was actually okay. So in a way although it was a bit of a redundant exercise, it has made me ease up on some of my earlier blocks. 

It also helped to point out that i am in danger of loving my new fabrics so much that all my blocks will start to look the same. Here are some recent ones laid out. So now I need to combine them with my pinks and purples a bit more. 

I went through all my blocks again and picked out eight that I'd like to redo. (Pic not including the one I just redid) My printer has run out of black toner though so They will have to wait a few weeks.

41 Granny
I found this quite an easy block. Not too many pieces and each of the four main units was identical. I did manage to balls up the direction of my ballerinas though. What can I say? I was cutting them out whilst watching Harrison Ford take his clothes off in some old Roman Polanski film. I must have lost concentration. Sigh. I also think the seams could have nested really nicely if I had changed the piecing order on two blocks, which i would have done if I had waited and listened to Kerry's instructions, but everything lines up mostly so I am happy. The fabric choice is not my own. I saw this version and knew it was perfect. I'd been a bit hesitant about using brown but Kerry's Grandma block was the final nudge I needed to let it in. I'm a bit worried it won't match the black i am using but it's too late now. 

Block 42 Heather
I really like this block. It's neat, compact and a pretty design. It had just the right number of pieces. Not too fiddly but just enough to look impressive. I kind of wish I had used greater contrasting fabrics though. I think it just works. It was all easy to sew together though. 

So hopefully next week I will also do ttwo or three blocks. If I do one old one a week then they will be replaced in no time. And i am sure i will find a use for the rejects. There are many doll quilts or project bags which they would do nicely for. 

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