Monday, January 02, 2012

The Year Review


So let's compare this time last year with now.

Things I made this year

1. A silver necklace. I've never worn it. It just didn't float my boat in the end.
2. A sewing case. I use them all the time!
3. The second speaker quilt
4. A knitted monster for Arthur
5. The crazy quilt which was an unfinished project last year
6. The The Stripey old sheet quilt which keeps me warm on the sofa
7. The yellow quilt I made in a weekend
8. The iPad case like mums
9. The pincusion organiser for Rachel
10. The crochet cowl I made on the course
11. The crochet roll for Sam

Unfinished projects from 2011
1. My cable knitting practice squares
2. My Petra Prins kit still waiting for a rainy day
3. The Sawtooth Star Quilt which I haven't even started so it sort of doesn't count
4. The Hexagon quilt. It just sits at my feet waiting for one last row
5. The Swoon Quilt. This is a new project unstarted so it doesn't count yet
6. The Worn & Washed quilt I started on Kim's course
7. My postage stamp quilt. it's a whole heap of work!

I did Kim's quilting course
Made do and mend's crochet course
Rebecca's silver pendant course

so I feel good about that.

Resolutions for 2011
To finish things off instead of starting big new projects - I reckon getting 11 projects finished this last year is pretty good on that score

To improve my knitting - I learnt to circular knit and I am much much better at crochet so I feel good about that

Resolutions for 2012
I'd really like to slim down my project cupboard mostly by finishing things off, but I think I might also need to sift out any fabric that isn't in my a list.
I'd like to finish this hexagon quilt so I can put it away and have a break from these technicolour projects I seem to keep doing. Time for some subtle colours.
Keep up with the crochet. So I don't forget what I learn.

That's it! Phew


Claire Vincent said...

I feel like I need to do a subtle colour project too, for whatever reason I haven't been able to put my hexagon quilt together. Just can't face it.

I've definitely lost my mojo

Jaypeg said...

Yeah I might put my hexagon quilt in a bag and hide it away. It just isn't floating my boat. We need Chillford to inspire us. Or mum says there is a new bit quilt show starting near your neck of the woods. We could go on a trip!