Monday, January 19, 2015

Foundation Piecing update!

I decided to try and finish my block. It was a lovely bright day and it came together perfectly. The inspiration for all this came from wanting to make a kit that mum bought me which uses foundation piecing. I knew I wanted a mini practice before starting it. Then I saw Pink Caramel's blog and her lovely mini Goose Tracks block. Such lovely colours and I love the narrower centre. I really wanted my colour palette to be as nice as hers. Subdued and tasteful with a pink/peach mix.

So off I went, found this excellent tutorial. I laid out the blocks at the end and decided that yes, I too wanted narrower centres.

Ta da! I am so pleased with it. It is so perfect! Who knew foundation piecing could be so amazing? Well actually, I remember Claire telling me it was her favourite thing. Claire, you were so right!

Here it is in context next to the excellent pin cushion that Claire bought me for my birthday which I still haven't rung up and thanked her for. It is beautiful and my block is beautiful. I am going to make the other colour ways that Pink Caramel has created as I am rubbish with colour. It's also made me love these fabrics again. They are so old. All from Sunflower fabrics years and years a go. The dash of peach though is from The village Haberdashery. It is a lovely soft Robert Kaufman Cambridge Lawn. I think this is mango. I wish I had bought more now. I really want to buy some Cookoo's Calling from there, And the flourescent sun print and the Cotton and Steel sparkle. Arrrrggh. I wish I had money!

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