Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sew Together Bag Beginings

I was looking at Blue Elephant Stitches blog and saw these great Sew Together Bags. I decided this would be a good zip progression for me so I bought the pattern from Sew Demented. I had been looking at Flock in navy, by Micheal Miller over at M is for Make for ages. This pattern tipped me over the edge and I splashed out on a fat quarter. I know I said I wouldn't buy and fabric. Failed and it's only January.

All the other fabric is from the scrap bag. I might make a second one out of some of my Lizzy House Catnap fabric if this goes well. Now I just need to find a long zip and I am ready to go.

Here are Blue Elephant Stitches ones. I love the colours. 

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