Sunday, January 25, 2015

Zakka Sewing Case

IMG_0146 I've been wanting to make this for years ever since I first joined Pinterest and pinned this sewing case. I put the Zakka Style book on my Amazon wishlist and a few years later it was given to me by my inlaws. Of course it went into a box when we moved and has remaining in its box in the cellar for the past 2 years.

IMG_0147 The final push was Isabel who sits next me, showing me her pinterest board with the sewing case pinned. I went home, dug the book out and brought it in for her. We then went to a fabric shop to buy some fabric for it as she didn't know what to buy. She ended up making a bag instead in the end but I couldn't leave Raystitch empty handed and decided that if Isabel wasn't going to make the sewing case then I would! They had all those lovely linen Japanese fabrics so I chose Muddy Works Mauve: perfect.

IMG_0149 Nothing I already had felt quite right. I don't buy those trendy linen fabrics much, I guess they are a little thick for my sorts of projects. So it was nice to have just the right project for it. I have avoided the project because I never have anything in my stash for it and these days it's all about stash busting. So it felt very lavish and organised to go in knowing what I was going to make and buy just the right fabric.
IMG_0150 I already had the linen from The Eternal Maker which I bought at Birmingham for no particular reason. It was a perfect fit. Very nice linen. I appreciate that after dealing with the rubbish linen from my local craft shop.
IMG_0152 I went home and immediately cut the bits out whilst watching The Apprentice. Then left it for ages...

So this Sunday I launched into action and it came together really quickly. I used the flouro binding because I lacked a leather thong and I used my John Bull printing kit because I didn't have the time to cut out anything else. I'm a bit sad about that as I have all the stuff somewhere to make a block print. Another time!

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