Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jitterbug Part 5

So I managed to make all the four patch blocks this week. It was slow going as I thought I had cut enough material so I folded it all and put it all away, only to come up 6 short in the end so I had to get it all out again.

Here's the production line showing how I iron all my seams flat. I don't bother doing this unless there are lots of points meeting up, I find it helps when trying to pass bulky parts through the sewing machine. Otherwise they pull and the pieces start not to line up.

Then I started on the flying geese but I forgot that I had cut all my blocks slightly too big, and some of my squares too big and suddenly everything was overlapping and not lining up. I made a right dogs dinner of it all and so there is some serious unpicking to do. My maths was good, I just had too many numbers scribbled down and circled.

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