Friday, January 23, 2015

Jitterbug part 4

Today was a day of measuring and cutting. I decided to set up camp in the kitchen so I wouldn't have to crouch on the floor like I usually do. There was a nice light coming in through the windows; crisp and wintery. A lot of hot tea was consumed in a grand effort to keep warm.

I made piles. I did sums. I cut out en masses. I got it all wrong. There were never quite enough of anything. Sigh.

I give up with the maths in the end. I just decided to create 12 bags and fill them with enough bits. I just keep cranking them out and stuffing my Ikea plastic bags. All the half square triangles are made. All the geese are ready to trim, some are made.

The sashing bits are done. And now it's just a case of creating all the four squares out of scraps. I hope there are enough.

I haven't worked it out. It is probably a vain hope. But you never know. I am quite done with cutting. Maybe it's time for a small side project, so I can come back to it refreshed.


Anonymous said...

Slow down!! I haven't even got my fabric yet.

Jaypeg said...

I wouldn't worry. The last quilt Rachel and I made took years. We always start off with a spurt then dribble into nothingness for ages.