Monday, February 07, 2011

This weekend


I bought some new material as a get well soon present for myself, from here. I have really been trying not to as it's Chilford on 13th March and since I am finishing off projects I don't really need any. But at last I have finished the stripey quilt. I am just tying off all the ends then I shall show it to you. As for Chilford, I feel I have earnt the right to go as I have finished this huge unfinished project. Now I just have to apply myself to the multi coloured dream quilt and then I can finally start on the sawtooth star quilt.


In the meantime I am also knitting. I am practising cable stitches from my Cabling book I received for Christmas. I'm not quite sure what I will do with the squares when they are complete. Maybe make them into a multi coloured blanket for a baby as they are every soft. We'll see. I'm doing them in pockets of free time so they won't form into anything for a very long time.