Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hand Quilting


So I have some small pockets of time where I can do quiet things. Using the sewing machine is out, but a bit of hand sewing is always on the cards. Everything is packed away though which is really annoying, plus there is never enough time to sink your teeth into anything. So I just thought I would practice some hand quilting. I need to be more even with my stitches. So I started aimlessly doing some traditional design. I think my thread is a little thick for the small design. It's lovely thread though. I picked it up at the Knit and Stitch one year. It's from Empress Mills. It does seem to come apart after a while so I have to use short lengths. At least it keeps me busy.

20130227-P1240769.jpg I just drew the design on with bog standard soft pencil. I have found form previous experience that it just rubs off naturally. I probably would have used a special fabric pencil if I could find it.

20130227-P1240774.jpg I have no idea what it will become. It has to become something though as the last thing I need is misc. samples floating about aimlessly. Living in boxes makes me aware of making more mess, plus there are no sneaky cupboards in which to hide things anymore!

Friday, February 15, 2013


20130227-P1240765.jpg I am trying to knit. I am so rubbish though, I do a few lines then put it down for ages. It's not really coming out how I wanted as I think my wool is too thin for the needles and it's a bit hairy wool. I really want it to look like this.

Mine looks a bit whimpy. I guess I need to carry on for a bit, but I have a strong feeling it's not going to work out. Should I stop now?